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Alex PRA

"As a result of their detailed and very thorough review of our complete PR operation, we introduced a new approach to PR strategy development and implementation which helped grow our business." Skandia

Alexor PR Audits helps clients increase the return on investment from public relations and communications budgets

Our measurement and improvement services include:

When was the last time your public relations resource was subjected to a critical, unbiased review by people who really understand PR? People who are not procurement-focused, but who concentrate on the qualitative aspects of communications as much as the financial nuts and bolts.

The likelihood is that your PR operation has never benefited from a professional audit of this type, which considers all aspects of the communication process. A PR audit which looks at all the angles – everything from structure and systems to customer understanding, creativity, outputs, outcomes and efficiency – in a dispassionate manner.

Alexor PR Audits was created to meet this need – to help clients target a 25% increase in their return from PR by offering a range of services created by PR people for PR people.

In the words of one client, “They apply classic management consultancy practices to identify where PR efficiencies and improvements can be achieved. Their recommendations are realistic and practical because all their consultants come from communications backgrounds”.

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